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Payday Loans Myths

Payday loans are small, unsecured loans that can be paid two weeks up to a month after the money is received. Due to the increasing popularity of this loan type, much information, accurate and otherwise, are all over the internet. Below are just some of the many misconceptions you might encounter when you search for information about payday loans:

Myth 1: One of the most common misconceptions about payday loans is that the terms are very strict and expensive. The fact is, most payday loans have very simple terms, which helps most people avoid being cheated by unscrupulous payday lenders. Most people who doubts the benefits of this type of loans have a hard time believing there is no catch simply because they didn’t think such an opportunity exists.

Myth 2: Most people who have never tried taking out loans from a payday lenders usually think that the only people who profit from this line of business are the lenders. This could not be further from the truth. Borrowers may be equally benefitted from this type of loan. Payday loan I available in as little as a few hours. What’s so great about taking out a payday loan is that your money is sanctioned without the submission of pertinent documents. Lenders do not discriminate against people with bad credit history. As long as the borrower is employed and satisfies the basic requirement of a lender, he or she will qualify for a loan.

Myth 3: Most people automatically think that people belonging from the lower economic strata are the only ones who need payday loans. However, statistic show that 94% of payday loans borrowers are at least high school graduates and their income averaging from $25,000 to $50,000.

Myth 4: Most people are wary of taking out payday loans because of the higher interest rates, compared to traditional bank loans. However, in order to understand how the interest rates are charged, one must learn how the loan works. Usually, the loan needs to be paid within a couple of weeks. The loan is very small and the amount of interest is small as well. When you take out more money than you need, the interest charge will, consequently, be higher. Additionally, if the loan is for long term and needs to be repaid for a year or so, then that fear would have been true.

Myth 5: Most people think this type of loan is only good for emergencies. However, these loans are also useful to pay bills or be used to finance a small vacation. You can always ask a friend or a family member for money but that would be embarrassing and for many people, payday loans are the best solution to any financial problems they may have.

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